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A.T. KRATTER & Company


A. T. KRATTER & Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing the finest technology and support for people with reading and visual disabilities.  Now serving the visually impaired citizens of Southern California for more than twenty years, we carry the largest selection of electronic video magnifiers in the area.   We also provide adaptive computer technology to allow visually impaired individuals to use email, access the Internet, read printed material via a computer generated voice, and perform most computer tasks.  

Andy Kratter started the company in April of 1993.  He is still owner and active manager.  After many years in the corporate world, Andy decided to explore his entrepreneurial instincts and got involved with a small company providing technology to help hearing impaired individuals better comprehend and record information provided in meetings, classrooms, and other seminar type events.  This led to his moving further into the disability area and the start of his own company to serve the needs of the visually and reading impaired.

Video magnifiers allow partially sighted or low vision individuals to magnify their printed material, photographs, or hobby craft items on a TV screen.  The user can adjust the size of the image, reverse positive/negative image or select background colors to improve contrast.  Some models will read the text aloud. These devices are available in desk models or battery operated portable models for travel.
Our computer programs allow people to read printed material scanned into a computer to read with their ears, rather than their eyes, by using synthesized speech generated by the computer.  The user, through keyboard commands, is able to control the reading process.  An entire book can be scanned into a computer, and a library can be created, even by category.  We also have “stand-alone” voice readers which function like an appliance rather than a computer.

Our Braille terminals allow Braille readers to have live, or “refreshable” braille dots on a display attached to their computer.  This is especially helpful for those with a need for exactness, as speech may not convey a spelling error.  Computer programmers, court reporters, and medical transcriptionists are examples of professions which braille access provides real benefits.  Braille embossers, or printers, allow for on screen text and graphics to be transferred onto paper, usually a heavier grade paper to handle the impact of the embossing process. 

We invite you to visit us in our showroom in Garden Grove, open during normal business hours, where many of these technologies are available to be seen and tried. We prefer to work by appointment, but folks often just drop by. We are located on Valley View Street in Garden Grove, one mile north of the San Diego Freeway (405) and the Garden Grove Freeway (22).

Solutions for the visually impaired: (714) 799-3000